Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

NO SIR I WON'T pre-order up!

So excited to say the More Politicians/No Party System 7" is finally about done and will be ready for consumption soon. pre-orders will ship out by the end of the month. here's the link to our bigcartel, where you can also hear a track from it!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

NO SIR I WON'T - More Politicians/No Party System 7"

Destroy Me Records is pleased to announce our next release of one of Boston's newest bands, NO SIR I WON'T. Their debut 7" - More Politicians/ No Party System - is coming out on the heels of their December 2011 demo (check it here). Including members of BRAIN KILLER, SURRENDER, and FOREIGN OBJECTS, their sound falls somewhere between all of those; driving, snotty, and catchy as shit with overtly political lyrics delivered in classic UK peace punk fashion. We can't wait to have the final mixes ready to send out. Look forward to a Spring 2012 release.
See ya!

Monday, September 12, 2011

DEATH FIRST Reviews and GRUDGES pre-order

Realized after posting the solid STOCKPILE review from MRR that we totally spaced on posting some of the good things written about the DEATH FIRST - Trapped 7", so here they are:

From MRR:
DEATH FIRST - "Trapped" EP
I'd love to be proven wrong, but DEATH FIRST seems to be one of the very few current hardcore bands whose lyrics are unique and actually worth reading and thinking about, as opposed to just an afterthought to fit the music. This time around, Jessy addresses topics including: a significant other threatening suicide as a means of manipulation, the fleeting and insincere outpour of aid that came with 9/11, and the present trend of sketchy punk dudes making reverb-filld music and "offensive" art. Musically, this improves on the NAUSEA/ DETESTATION/ ANTI-PRODUCT- inspired sound of their demo and first 7", and has them shifting slightly in an early '00s melodic crust direction with riffs that are sometimes morose and other times livid, but still keeps all of Dan's great leads (that they can fully play live, with the recent addition of a second guitarist). They also seem to have a knack for matching their lyrics to the feelings conveyed by individual songs, which drives points home even further. This record is well worth your time. (DG) (Destroy Me)

Trapped: 7” EP
Loud, angry hardcore with a big, anthemic sound. The lyrics are topical, addressing punk trends, emotional blackmail, weekend politicians, and the need to continue disaster aid when all the cameras have gone home.
–Jimmy Alvarado

Robert posted our West Coast Tour tape on his killer blog a while back too, check it:

DEATH FIRST is taking some time off this fall to write new songs but will playing shows again in November most likely.

Also, we are very stoked to announce the new GRUDGES tape! it should be here and ready for consumption any day now so if you want to pre-order it do it HERE. There are only 100 copies so probably won't be around all that long.
There will be some GRUDGES show announcements in the near future too.

Friday, September 9, 2011

STOCKPILE Tour and MRR Review!

STOCKPILE are heading out on the road next week. they still have some copies of the 7" with them so pick it up from them if you haven't yet. Most of the shows on the tour look sick so definitely go.
The new 7" also got reviewed in the issue of MRR. here it is:

STOCKPILE - "Body Politic" EP
This is fast punk in the vein of Portland sound, some STATE OF FEAR, some WARCRY with hints of later faster incarnations of Swedish D-beat without the overt creeping metal. This is good, driving, fast and mean. The drumming is brutal. The vocals are rad and could take any of the Youth Attack kids out. The lyrics are great - figurative yet directly political and personal, intelligent, but not inaccessible. They make me cross my fingers that the dude singing holds true to them without being a self-righteous asshole. Someone said that this band has a member or members of WITCHHUNT? Who really cares, this is good. Not breaking any ground, but on fucking top without similar stuff coming out of its kind. I wanna see them play with MANIPULATION. This is a good record. (MB) (Destroy Me).

Monday, August 8, 2011


yo! gonna start using this thing to tell yall about various shows coming up. so here we go.

Sunday Aug 14th @ The Barbary in Philly

This Is Hardcore Aftershow/Greg's bday show!!


show is at 7pm sharp, 10bux, all ages. therell be booze and dj's upstairs all nite! first time DF and STOCKPILE are playing together which is pretty cool, besides it being the show of the year.

Thurs Aug 18th @ The Acheron - 57 Waterbury street, Brooklyn - all ages - 8pm sharp!

Punch return once again. one of the best HC bands going right now, sick show all around!

Fri Aug 26th @ Stolen Sleeves Collective - 538 Johnson ave - 8pm sharp - all ages, NO BOOZE!
DEATHRATS (DC, first time back since the new 7" came out!)
MUCH WORSE (mnpls, No Way Records)

another crusher, 6 awesome bands, good beginning to end!

Sun Aug 28th @ The Acheron - 57 Waterbury street - 8pm - all ages
Brooklynvegan presents:

fuck yeah, Victims are back, last show of tour. will be nuts.
check back for more updates soon enough.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011


We're very psyched to announce the release of Philly's own STOCKPILE debut 7". They recorded it in a day back in april and now its ready for all of you. Its fucking fast, unrelenting and intense. we couldn't be happier with how it turned out and are psyched to see what they continue to be capable of.
you can order it here:

if you want wholesale copies email us at destroymerecords [at] gmail [.] com

we've been terrible at updating this blog but keep checking back for more news on upcoming releases!